Modern Mushroom Farms to use HarvestMark traceability

May 6, 2010
By: The Packer Staff
Modern Mushroom Farms works to increase its product traceability through all aspects of its supply chain by using YottaMark’s traceability software, HarvestMark. This will provide customers with access to information such as quality and food safety that is shown throughout the supply chain. The software will allow Modern Mushroom to

Lodi grape-growers offered cash incentive for Lodi Rules certification

The Michael-David Winery and Bogle Winery are offering cash incentives to growers to undergo the Lodi Rules certification process. Sustainable business practices benefit the environment, winery, and grower, and therefore, are worth the extra expenses to receive certification. The growing demand for sustainable food and the benefits provided by “going green” are being recognized by these leading wineries.

Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg

The vineyards are currently managed by Warren Bogle, the grandson of the founder, who farms 1,000 acres under the “Certified Green” principles (Previously known as the “Lodi Rules”), a sustainable farming program designed to lead to improvements in environmental health of the surrounding ecosystem. This approach encompasses practices in all aspects of viticulture, water management, management of the farm ecosystem, pest management, and even in human resources. Certification is awarded to an individual vineyard based on an annual audit by a third party.

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay More for Eco-Friendly Produce

The Healthy Grown Wisconsin potato label has announced it will price its potatoes at the market price for Wisconsin potatoes instead of at the premium price for eco-friendly grown produce. Protected Harvest certifies and audits all Healthy Grown growers, packers, and shippers to ensure the company adheres to strict environmental standards. Healthy Grown has found sustainability to be economical and is passing these savings on to their customers.

What You Need To Know About Food Labels and Certifications

September 24, 2009
By Earth Promise

What it means: Affiliated with the World Wildlife Fund, the Protected Harvest Program certifies crops that have been raised with integrated pest management. To qualify for the seal, specific crop management practices must be employed and reduce use of toxic pesticides, improve sail and water quality, and protect wildlife habitat.

UW-Madison: Improving the Health of State Potatoes

September 23, 2009 – Madison,WI,USA
Growers and packers are audited yearly and certified by the independent nonprofit organization Protected Harvest.  “If you’re actually going to have an environmental product, it has to have some kind of high bar, it has to be certified to be valuable.” – Deana Knuteson, the UW-Madison coordinator of the Healthy Grown

Zeal for the environment nets EPA award for FreshSense

Protected Harvest partner FreshSense Wins EPA Recognition: Of the 40 Environmental Awards given by U.S. EPA acting Regional Administrator Laura Yoshii on April 16, only one was given to a food company: FreshSense. The award was given in recognition of the company’s Zeal brand stonefruit grown with sustainable farming practices and certified by Protected Harvest.

The Rise of Sustainability

Dr. Dan Sonke, Senior Scientist at SureHarvest, discusses the growth in sustainability programs among retail giants such as Wal-Mart and SYSCO and their interest in third-party sustainability certification programs like Protected Harvest.
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