Board of Directors

The Protected Harvest Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of representatives from prominent environmental NGOs, agricultural experts, scientists, and marketing experts. While the staff carries out daily operations, managing the auditing and certification process, the Board of Directors provides organizational oversight and technical review of standards on an ongoing basis.

Cliff Ohmart, PhD, Board President
Ohmart Consulting Services

Will Howarth, PhD
Professor, Land, Air, and Water Resources
University of California, Davis

Andy Diercks
Owner, Coloma Farms
Coloma, Wisconsin

Jonathan Kaplan
Global Sustainability Director
Compass at Google

Amy Wolfe
President and CEO

Brian McElroy
Vice President, Global Ethics and Standards

Charles Mellinger, PhD
Technical Director
Glades Crop Care

Kai Robertson
Independent Corporate Sustainability Advisor
Washington, DC

Ann Sorenson
Assistant Vice President of Research
American Farmland Trust
Northern Illinois University

Marc Zammit
Changing Tastes


SureHarvest is contracted by Protected Harvest to administer operations and all associated certification processes. SureHarvest also administers the online self-assessment platform for each certificaton program. For further information on either the Protected Harvest Board of Directors or to contact someone in operations, please email