For Farmers

For Farmers, certification by Protected Harvest validates your efforts to protect the environment and distinguishes your product in the marketplace.

Why should you certify with Protected Harvest?

There’s a growing demand for sustainable-grown products. At least 54 percent of shoppers consider sustainability when making purchasing decisions or selecting a store, according to a 2009 GMA/Deloitte Green Shopper Study.

But claims must be credible. A 2007 Times and Trends report by Information Resources, Inc. entitled Consumer-Focused CPG Growth Opportunities, found that “a high proportion of consumers do not believe environmental claims and are looking for more information to help them make eco-friendly choices.”

With Protected Harvest audits and certification, your Buyers will be assured your claims are credible. To qualify for use of the Protected Harvest label, you must document your farming practices according to the standards, complete the certification process and undergo an audit to verify reported practices.

And Protected Harvest can provide you with sustainability production standards that are practical, scientifically sound and peer-reviewed by qualified experts. Standards are developed by growers in collaboration with our Board of Directors a group of 10 leading environmental NGO’s, scientists and agricultural practitioners. Standards are crop and region-specific, ensuring that they represent the most appropriate and practical farming practices.

We make it easy. By using  the web-based Sustainability MIS, we’ve streamlined the reporting, documentation and audit process with electronic record-keeping and reporting.

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