For Buyers

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For Buyers, Protected Harvest provides you with certified sustainable product offerings for today’s consumer who is concerned about both the environment and quality.

Current product offerings certified sustainable by Protected Harvest include:

  • Wines from Lodi Rules grown in Lodi as well as a number of other appelations in California
  • Zeal brand peaches, plums and nectarines from FreshSense
  • Citrus grown in the heart of the Central Valley of California

Wines from Lodi Rules:

Download the Lodi Rules brochure.

Contact:  Stephanie Bolton | (209) 367-4727 |

Zeal Stonefruit and Citrus:

Zeal is the first sustainably certified tree fruit grown in compliance with Protected Harvest’ strict, environmentally-sound growing standards. To place an order for Zeal peaches, plums, nectarines and citrus, contact

Contact:  Doug Sankey at

Citrus from the heart of the Central Valley:

Sun West Fruit Co. in Parlier has been supplying Protected Harvest citrus to their buyers since 2009.

Contact: Doug Sankey at