Board of Directors

The Protected Harvest Board of directors is a collaboration of representatives of prominent environmental organizations, agricultural specialists, scientists, and marketing experts. The Board’s responsibility is to review and approve all standards as grounded in environmental science and practical for on-farm implementation.

Steve Balling
Director, Agricultural & Analytical Services
DelMonte FoodsSan Francisco

Charles Benbrook, PhD
Research Professor and Program Leader
Washington State University

William Daniels
Senior Vice President

Andy Diercks
Coloma Farms – Wisconsin

Will Horwath, PhD (Board President)
Professor, Land, Air and Water Resources
University of California-Davis

Jonathan Kaplan
Director, Agriculture Project
Natural Resources Defense Council

Brian McElroy
VP Global Ethics and Standards

Charles Mellinger, PhD
Technical Director
Glades Crop Care, Inc.

Cliff Ohmart, PhD
Vice President of Professional Services

Kai Robertson
Corporate Sustainability Adviser

Ann Sorenson
Assistant Vice President of Research
American Farmland Trust

Mark Zammit
Changing Tastes