Chain-of-Custody Certification


  • Contact us for an application and Handling Plan Questionnaire. Handlers who have applied for certification in the previous year will automatically be sent an application and questionnaire.
  • Completed applications are due a minimum of eight weeks prior to date of desired certification. Certification services may be able to be performed on shorter notice, subject to availability of audit staff..

Pre-Audit Preparation

  • Assemble documentation of chain-of-custody procedures of Protected Harvest certified products in your facility from receiving through shipping.
  • Conduct and document employee training of Protected Harvest handling procedures.
  • If previously certified, assemble documentation of product handled in previous year.


  • The auditor calls each handler who has applied for certification to arrange a time for on-site inspection.
  • The auditor meets with each handler on-site at designated time. The auditor verifies chain-of-custody procedures and reviews pertinent records.
  • The applicant signs a Handler Affidavit, which states that all information provided to Protected Harvest and the auditor is known to be true.

Determination of Certification

  • The auditor submits a file for each handler to the Protected Harvest Certification Committee. The Committee reviews each file and determines whether certification is warranted.
  • Upon approval, a Certificate of Compliance is mailed to the handler. Certification is valid for one year.