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Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Founded in 1948, the WPVGA provides a strong, unified voice for Wisconsin’s potato and vegetable industry. Wisconsin is the nation’s third-largest potato producer, behind Idaho and Washington. In addition to collaborating with WWF and the University of Wisconsin to research and develop integrated pest management practices, the WPVGA works with soil scientists to fine-tune plant nutrition analysis to avoid over-fertilization and promotes
efficient irrigation.

Healthy Grown

Potatoes that passed the Protected Harvest certification were collectively marketed by Wisconsin farmers under the “Healthy Grown” brand.

University of Wisconsin

The WWF/WPVGA/UW Collaboration is continually working to aid the Wisconsin potato industry in eliminating reliance on highly toxic pesticide, increase the use of ecologically based IPM systems, enhance protection of biodiversity, and to raise consumer demand for IPM-produced potatoes. This site contains the full project history of the Wisconsin eco-potato collaboration.

World Wildlife Fund

Known by its panda logo, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is dedicated to protecting the world’s wildlife and wildlands. The largest privately supported international conservation organization in the world, WWF has more than one million members in the United States alone. WWF partnered with the Wisconsin potato farmers and the University of Wisconsin to pioneer Protected Harvest’s Potato Standards; the collaboration’s success was instrumental in World Wildlife Fund’s decision to allow the use of its logo on bags of Healthy Grown certified potatoes.

Great Lakes Agricultural Research Services

Protected Harvest contracted with GLARS to conduct our third-party audits in Wisconsin for the 2002 – 2013 seasons. GLARS provides high quality, confidential field research in Wisconsin and Illinois.