Our Partners

Over 41,000 acres of farmland are certified by Protected
Harvest for production of winegrapes, stonefruit and citrus.

The Lodi Wine Commission is known worldwide in the wine industry forlodi_rules_logo_0809 their sustainable winegrape growing program. Over 30,000 acres are in certified production. Beginning in 2005, the Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing ecolabel “Certified Green” was introduced and now appears on a large number of winegrape varieties from certified vineyards.  Michael-David Winery, known for their award-winning “7 Deadly Zins” and “Incognito” wines, along with Bogle Vineyards, pays a premium for Lodi Rules grapes certified by Protected Harvest.

In May, 2008, FreshSense, the company behind Ripe ‘N Ready peaches, plums and nectarines, launched Zeal™. Zeal is the first and only tree fruit product certified as sustainable through an independent audit.  Sunwest Fruit Company is the source supplier of Zeal branded stonefruit with over 6,000 acres produced under Protected Harvest standards.

In 2013 Protected Harvest conducted a successful pilot program with Sunwest Fruit Company to certify Cherries under the Stonefruit standards.

Protected Harvest Citrus certified fruit started with the 2008-09 crop year and now has over 5,000 acres of Sunwest Fruit Company citrus and mandarins certified and distributed under the Zeal brand.   ProtectedHarvPartners_Page_1_Image_0004


Previous Partners:

Fowler Packing was one of the original source suppliers of Zeal branded stonefruit certified under the Protected Harvest standards through 2014.

The Healthy Grown brand for potatoes was launched in 2001 as a collaboration of the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association, the World Wildlife Fund, Defenders of Wildlife, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Healthy Grown potatoes were the first commercial product to carry the World Wildlife panda logo in the United States.  Almost 6000 acres of Healthy Grown potatoes in Wisconsin were Protected Harvest certified through 2013.

Modern Mushroom Farms, Inc., was  the second largest producer of mushrooms in the U.S., providing mushrooms to SYSCO, Green Giant Fresh (exclusive provider), and retailers throughout the nation. Over 35 acres of mushroom production were Protected Harvest certified in operations on both the East and West Coasts through 2012.  In 2013 Modern Mushroom was bought by another company and is no longer in existence.