Protected Harvest Partners

Over 41,000 acres of farmland are certified by Protected Harvest production of winegrapes, stonefruit and citrus.  Protected Harvest Partners can use our certified sustainable eco-label on their products which increases marketability in today’s sustainably conscious marketplace.


The Lodi Wine Commission is known nationwide for their sustainable winegrape growing program. Beginning in 2005 with 1455 acres, Lodi Rules now has over 30,000 acres in certified production. The Lodi Rules eco-label certified by Protected Harvest appears on a large number of winegrape varieties from certified vineyards. Michael-David Winery, known for award-winning “7 Deadly Zins” and “Incognito” wines, along with Bogle Vineyards, pays a premium for grapes certified by Protected Harvest.


In May, 2008, FreshSense, the company behind Ripe ‘N Ready peaches, plums and nectarines, launched Zeal™ as the first and only tree fruit product certified as sustainable through an independent audit. Fowler Packing and Sunwest Fruit Company are growing over 6,000 acres of stonefruit under Protected Harvest standards, sold under the Zeal brand.

Over 5,000 acres of citrus and mandarins are certified by Protected Harvest for Sun West Fruit Co.  The Protected Harvest Orange and Mandarin Standards have been peer reviewed by scientists, academics and environmentalists. The standards were developed by a collaboration of citrus growers and specialists and are designed to lead to measurable improvements in environmental health of the surrounding ecosystem, society-at-large, and fruit quality.