Pesticide Use Data System

The Pesticide Use Data System (PUDS) is an online system where pesticide use data going back to 1991 is available for industry, researchers, or the general public who have a desire to examine pesticide use in the United States.  One of the major goals of Measure to Manage is to provide pesticide use data to everyone in a form that is easy to access and ready for immediate analysis.  With PUDS, users have access to the tools they will need to determine trends in pesticide use over time and to evaluate the impacts of various policies and industry developments.  This system has been designed so that it can be easily used by anyone for projects related to pesticide use.

The Pesticide Use Data System was designed in response to the specific need for tools that allow for more refined analytical applications of pesticide use data. This system provides this as a set of tools that allow users to obtain tabular data on chemicals applied to specific crops. This chemical use data has been carefully matched with data from the National Agricultural Statistical Service on acres of each crop, allowing M2M to derive a measure of use per acre.  This data is available both by state and nationally and for specific years, so that use can be tracked over time. Totals of multiple forms of active ingredients applied are also available as well as the total acreage planted for each given crop.

Analytical Tools